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Mike Huckabee

Second full term

After the Arkansas Supreme Court has declared the state's school funding procedure unconstitutional, Mike Huckabee created a plan to consolidate schools into districts of less than 1,500 students. That reform had to transform 310 schools districts into 107-116 schools districts with advanced governance and centralized administrative network. But that plan failed and the legislature passed a plan to consolidate school districts of less than 350 students in January 2004. The issue would resurface when the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled again on school funding in December 2005.

To improve student's health level Huckabee approved a law which defines annual body mass index (BMI) measurements for all children at public schools on April 11, 2003. After that all parents have got the results with notes regarding how to low down the obesity. The law also clarifies advisory committees to promote good nutrition and exercise schools.

On May 8, 2003, cigarette and tobacco taxes were increased by a new law by Huckabee signed, which also occured a three percent income tax surcharge.